Mayo Clinic Transportation

Mayo Clinic Transportation

Headed to Mayo Clinic in Rochester? You can trust On Time Limo to take you there. Comfort, punctuality, and reliability are a given, with our dedicated staff making sure your trip goes without a hitch.
With all the pending appointments at the clinic, driving to there should be the last thing on your mind. Still, trusting anyone with your medical transportation is a huge responsibility but – with the right team – things always go smoothly. On Time Limo understands how essential it is to honor your schedule and arrive at the clinic on time which is why our trained, professional staff always goes out of their way to help our trusted clients get the best of service. No matter how long or difficult the trip to and from the Mayo Clinic may be, we promise to treat you to the most comfortable and pleasant ride.

Safety First

Comfortable and safe arrival to Mayo Clinic at any given time of day or night.

On Time

Timely arrival to every scheduled appointment with the assistance of our drivers.

Privacy guaranteed

Privacy and safety ensured for all our clients.


Why book your ride with us?

No matter the extent of your medical emergency, there are just way too many things more important than thinking about the traffic jam, parking, and driving when you are feeling unwell. The benefit of having On Time Limo on your speed dial is that we show up whenever you need us – and we look to provide the best limo service to match your current needs. Punctuality, reliability and comfort are a given, and we promise to have your trip to Mayo Clinic in Rochester relieved of any stress or disturbance. On Time Limo private chauffeurs understand the importance of honoring your doctor’s appointment and arriving on time which is why they always go the extra mile to make your medical transportation done in accordance with your schedule. Your health comes first and On Time Limo will make sure you don’t even feel the ride.


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